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Taylor Swift being flawless 

Taylor Swift, Grammys 2013

Taylor Swift speaks French. {x}


So for my first ever Tumblr post, I thought I’d share the best moment of my life with y’all. Well this past summer, I spent six weeks at Vanderbilt University which is in Nashville, TN. A friend from home was visiting, so we decided to go out to lunch at Fido, one of the places we heard that Taylor writes songs. While we were at Fido, we saw Liz from Megan & Liz but were too shy to say hi, so then I was incredibly sad, because I missed my chance to meet someone I love! Well then on our way back to campus, we made a bunch of little random stops that made the timing work perfectly. I was wearing my red Speak Now tour shirt and just as we’re walking out of Starbucks, this car pulls to the side, and we were a little scared, because it almost hit us! Then my friend who was walking ahead of us goes, “Siri, Taylor Swift wants to say hi.” And I was like, that’s not funny, because Taylor’s my hero and favorite person in the world, and it would be cruel to get my hopes up like that! But then all of a sudden, Taylor rolls down the window, and her and her dad are sitting inside the car! She motions to us to come up to the window and is like, “Hey, I love your shirt! Way to represent!” We were so shocked that we forgot to ask if we could take a picture with her, instead she asked to take pictures with us! I was crying afterwards, because she’s my hero, and I couldn’t believe I actually got to tell her how much she means to me! So you guys can tell anyone who says Taylor’s not a genuinely nice person and only doing it for show that they’re wrong! She took the time to meet fans, who didn’t even know she was there. I think that’s incredible! Anyways, sorry that was so long, but that’s how I met Taylor Swift and had the best moment of my life. First ever Tumblr post officially created.

Has Taylor Swift ever considered that maybe she’s the problem?